Best investment analysis books – and some

This review looks at the best investment analysis books for anyone wishing to dive deeper into the subject, and then some.

Table of Contents

Fundamental Analysis

Technical Analysis

Quantitative Analysis

Investing Wisdom

Value Investing

Growth Investing

Best Investment Analysis Books

Fundamental analysis

Fundamental Analysis for Dummies

Fundamental Analysis for Dummies

by Matthew Krantz

Review – The general consensus on this book is that it provides a concise and easy to understand overview for the material a beginning investor needs to grasp to make a start. It covers the main financial ratios and gives some ideas on how to use them. However, the subject is not explored in any depth. Question  – do you need to be able to actually do fundamental analysis in order to use it? I suppose I would say – not entirely. The fact is this book is not going to teach you how to take a company’s financial statements and work out their price to book value or their current ratio. If you are comfortable without that knowledge – fine. Perhaps it is fair to say that the book is for dummies but any dummy who reads it won’t be transformed into a competent expert.

My verdict: Suitable as an introduction for beginners.

Ratio Analysis Fundamentals

Ratio Analysis Fundamentals

by Axel Tracy

Review – This is a short book but it does do exactly what the title suggests. The stated purpose of the book is to help the analyst compare similar ratios from one company to a competitor to work out which may have a competitive advantage. It also explains how to compare the same ratio for a company over different time periods to work out where that company is heading. The book tries to teach what the financial ratios actually mean. On the downside, it is maybe a little skimpy.

My verdict: Suitable as a basic source of information for beginners.


Security Analysis : The Classic 1940 Edition

Security Analysis

by Benjamin Graham and David L. Dodd

Review – This probably qualifies as the bible of fundamental analysis reference tomes. If you are going to put the hard copy on a shelf look for the 2nd edition to avoid the disappointment that some chapters were left out of later editions. The powerful personality and values of the author, Benjamin Graham, who was affectionately known as the Dean of Wall Street are clearly expressed through his writing.

My verdict: Suitable for serious and professional traders.

Technical analysis

Technical Analysis for Dummies

Technical Analysis for Dummies

by Barbara Rockefeller

Review – The author clearly knows and understands her subject. This book will walk you through all the main areas of technical analysis and impart a solid understanding. On the downside, it is not well written and in some places overly wordy. The subject itself is better imparted through visual examples and explanations and the book could have used more of that than lengthy explanations. So again a book for dummies that may satisfy a total newbie.

My verdict: Suitable for beginners.

Charting and Technical Analysis

Charting and Technical Analysis

by Fred McAllen

Review – This book provides a very thorough explanation of all the detailed aspects of charting price data. It uses only candlestick patterns but as those are the most popular that is not a disadvantage. Where the book disappoints and can frustrate is the quality of the images is not great. Inside the covers of the print version, it is all black and white which makes it hard to see the detail in the candlesticks.

My verdict: Suitable for beginners and intermediate traders.

Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets

Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets

by John J. Murphy

Review – This book comes highly recommended both by experienced private retail investors and traders and by professionals. It is well written, accessible, and thorough in its treatment of the subject. If you know you want to get an in-depth grasp of the subject, it may make sense to skip the other introductory tomes and go straight for this one.

My verdict: Suitable for beginners, intermediate and professional traders, and reference.

Quantitative analysis

The Man Who Solved the Market : How Jim Simons Launched the Quant Revolution

by Gregory Zuckerman

Review – Of all the books on quantitative analysis and the mathematical approach to investing, this book is an easy way to start reading into the topic. It is more a human story than a rigorous mathematical work, so if you really want to get to grips with this subject you will need to get your hands on a work that deals with code, like the next one on this list. But if you want a good and engaging read on the subject, this book is for you.

My verdict: Suitable for investors and traders interested in a primer in quantitative analysis.

Python for Finance : Mastering Data-Driven Finance

Python for Finance

by Dr. Yves Hilpisch

Review – Dr. Hilpisch is a well-established authority on this subject and this book gives a thorough treatment, providing many pieces of open source code that can be combined into working programs. This is an extensive work, by a practitioner written for practitioners.

My verdict: Suitable for programmers wanting to build financial models.

Investing wisdom

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

by Edwin Lefevre

Review – This book as the distinction of being the one successful investors and fund managers recommend the most. It will soon be over a hundred years old but is still an excellent read. It gives valuable insights into the psychology of markets and the emotional side of trading that the professional and wannabe successful trader needs to master. For a detailed dive into this great book, check here.

My verdict: Suitable and strongly recommended for beginners and all traders and investors.

Money Masters of Our Time

Money Masters of Our Time

by John Train

Review – This is a book that seeks to explain the investment approach of famous and successful investors and fund managers. This has proved such a successful approach for a book that the author, John Train, has published two updates this latest in 2000. He felt the need to explain new approaches that became more prevalent with financial deregulation and technological advances of the 1980s and ’90s. It is an enjoyable read full of gems of wisdom and while it can be a good source of tips there isn’t the material you would need to develop your own systematic approach to investing. For a single page downloadable PDF summary of the main points, check here.

My verdict: Suitable for beginners and a good read.

A Random Walk Down Wall Street : The Time-Tested Strategy for Successful Investing

A Random Walk down Wall Street

by Burton G. Malkiel

Review – This readable book covers many aspects of personal finance, saving and investing, and comes to the conclusion that we should all stick with indexed funds. It is a book that has its ardent adherents and its equally passionate detractors. I’d say if you are going to get into trading and active investing with the intent to do better than the broad market then it is a good idea to read this book as it will give you an understanding of the foundations of an opposite view. After all, it is educational to introduce different voices into our echo chambers from time to time.

My verdict: Suitable for beginners, reinforcing material for conservative investors.

Value Investing

The Intelligent Investor REV Ed.

The Intelligent Investor

by Benjamin Graham

Review – The sub-title to this book is – The Definitive Book on Value Investing – which clearly demonstrates the link between fundamental analysis and value investing. Many have called this the most accessible must-read for all investors and traders. The author, Benjamin Graham was a towering figure in the world of investors. He was also Warren Buffet’s mentor. In addition to providing a solid foundation in fundamental analysis, the book is intended to explain and teach Graham’s investment approach to the layman. And it succeeds. For a comprehensive review of The Intelligent Investor, check here.

My verdict: Suitable for beginners and recommended reading for all traders and investors.

Growth Investing

How to Make Money in Stocks : A Winning System in Good Times and Bad, Fourth Edition

How to Make Money in Stocks

by William J. O’Neil

Review – This is probably one of the easiest-read books on what might be called growth investing. The approach the book advocates is probably closer to trading than investing. This is not a work that will please value investors or those who adhere to Benjamin Graham’s serious, steady, and straight-laced approach to building wealth. There is also more than a fair dose of advertisements for the author’s subscription investing and trading services. Notwithstanding these caveats, the book really does deliver a complete trading and investing system as it promises. For an in-depth review of How to Make Money in Stocks, click here.

My verdict: Suitable and recommended for beginners who want to trade and invest using a growth strategy.

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  1. I am a fond of investing and ways to make me improve my financial abilities and this post help me a lot, I am really seeking the best book a beginner like me could have and now I have these options. Thank you for this guide

    • Hi and thank you for stopping by. I am pleased that you found the reviews useful. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any suggestions for other related topics you would be interested in. Kind regards, Andy

  2. I knew they were investing books out there, but never really looked into them. Now I know where to go when I need advice for getting a book. Appreciate the post.

    • Thanks for your comment Brian. I will be updating and adding to this list covering other related topics shortly. So please check back in a week or so. Have a great day and thanks again, Andy

  3. I am sure I will be getting some of these books in the near future. I am bookmarking this website so I can come and grab them later. Thanks for the info!

    • Hi Juan and thanks for the comment. I’m glad you found the reviews useful and you are of course most welcome back any time and please don’t hesitate to ask a question or make any suggestion. Kind regards, Andy

  4. Thank you for these books. I have been looking for investment books.
    I will have to try a few of these although I have read the intelligent investor book.
    Since I am a trader myself I do not read books as I learn by following someone which has worked well for me.

    • Hi and thanks for the comment. The Intelligent Investor is indeed a great book and highly recommended. When I was searching around for a system I read a lot too. And then when I found a system my reading on the subject slowed down. I am glad you have a system that works for you. Thanks again and best regards, Andy

  5. Hi Andy, thank you for this review. I really want to learn about using the stock market and just invested $100 into an online stock market account. But I have absolutely no idea where to start with using it. What should I do?

    • Hi Catherine, if you are going to be adding small amounts on a regular basis, then until you have found an investing system that works well for your goals and risk tolerance, then it is probably best to buy regular amounts of a broad index linked fund. If you live in the USA then a fund linked to the S&P 500 is an easy and relatively safe bet. The ETF with the symbol SPY is a good example. I say relatively safe because there are many indications that over all the market may be overbought right now and heading for “a correction”. You could also read this article to try and find a direction.
      I hope this helps. Do come back and let me know how you get on or whether you have any other questions or suggestions.
      Kind regards

  6. Hello Andy. Great, well put together article. Very interesting selection of books. Its great that there are reviews on them too. Thank you for sharing. All the best. Felicity

    • Hi Felicity
      Thanks for your positive comments. I am glad you enjoyed the reviews. I will be adding more related topics shortly. Kind regards, Andy

  7. Hi Andy,
    Thanks for doing the background research on these books. I wish I read more when I was an active trader back in the internet bubble era. Yup, I was caught in that bubble when it burst. If I invested in value stocks instead of tech stocks my portfolio would not have taken a huge hit. A little knowledge can go a long way. Thanks for sharing invaluable resources

    • Hi Courtney, I am sure many of us have been caught in the wrong industries and sectors. I think we have not seen the end of market volatility for a while yet, certainly not until economic activity resumes or returns. Thanks again and best regards, Andy

  8. Thanks for the honest reviews. I was always a fan of the dummies series of books. Until I started researching the topics further. I was hopeful that the dummies books on fundamental and technical analysis would be different.

    The intelligent investor sounds like it would be a great starting point.

    • Hi Alex, I have a massive collection of for dummies books on many subjects. It is a formula. Most revealing was a friend of mine who wrote for dummies books as a side line. She even wrote for dummies books on subjects they wanted but she knew nothing about. She could just write according to the formula. She wasn’t paid very well either. A very revealing story, mind you as I say whenever I am interested in a topic I will often check out if there is a for dummies book and it is often my first purchase. The Intelligent investor is indeed an excellent starting point. Have a great day, Best regards, Andy

  9. This is a great list, I find some interesting ones which I have heard but not read. I also find in this list the ‘first book’ on investments which I read after my college “The Intelligent Investor” – This is a great book for anyone who is interested in introducing themselves into the world of investing, or wants to hone their skills and better themselves.

    • Hi and thanks for your comments. I agree with you. The Intelligent Investor is an excellent book. I thoroughly recommend it. Have a great day. Kind regards, Andy

  10. Hi Andy,

    I have been investing a bit in the stock market and cryptocurrencies but I have never really read about investing. Just went with my gut feeling =)

    You have a nice selection of books here. I like the fact that your reviews seem honest and they are also compact, which makes it fast to go through all the options to find the most suitable one.

    Maybe it’s time for me to grab one of those books and study this subject!


    • Hi Joonas
      Thanks for the positive feedback. You must have nerves of steel investing in cryptocurrencies on gut feelings. Well I say that – I also put some money in Bitcoin and Ethereum just to watch what happens. In doing my research I have actually found a lot of book reviews that are not honest. Many books on stock investing are really just trying to line up prospects for subscription investment services. Some of those books aren’t necessarily bad and will impart valuable information, others are very bad, poorly written even though they may have a huge number of positive reviews. So there is a lot of deception out there. Thanks again for the positive comments. Kind regards, Andy

  11. Hi Andy,

    There are a lot of books here in this article so you are spoiling us for choice…which is a good thing.

    I have not made many investments but I do have a friend who does and I think these books could really help him. So I have forwarded this article onto him and I have encouraged him to comment. If he has any questions he will get in touch with you.

    Thank you for sharing and keep helping people with their investments.

    All the best,


    • Hi Tom and thanks for that. I appreciate the favour. I am always interest to hear opinions, suggestions and questions etc. Kind regards, Andy

  12. Hi Andy, when it comes to investment/trades most people tend to be scared and in fact it is but in the end it is just a new world that you just need to learn about. Those books are really a good start. I’m into this area and I wish I have more time to read all of them. The more you study the better you get. A friend of mine, recently, indicated this book to me “Trading in the zone” from Mark Douglas. It talks about the psychology or mindset in trading, which I think is 80% of any strategy 🙂 Well-done. Keep sharing with us your thoughts. Thanks.

    • Hi and thanks for your comments. I agree that psychology is a very important part of trading and understanding our emotions and applying discipline are essential to any successful trading system. I also think that fundamental analysis is needed to determine which sectors, industries and stocks have potential to appreciate and technical analysis is needed to determine what the market is doing and when are good points to enter, stay in or exit the market. Thank you for sharing, Kind regards, Andy

  13. Hi Andy, Great post, investment books in one spot. I will diffidently take a look at the beginners guides. There can be a lot of confusion in this market and reading is a way to protect ourselves. Regards Barry

    • Hi Barry, thanks for your comment. I would just be aware that many of the beginners guides on this subject that are high up on Amazon’s lists almost irrespective of the search terms you may use look to be a bit pumped up by over zealous reviews. An equal number of them are also filled with upsell pitches for investment subscription newsletters and services from the authors. As they say, buyer beware! Thanks and I wish you good luck, Kind regards, Andy.

  14. Hi Andy
    You made a great Presentation. Sure, Amazon has some great books on the matter. I used to be an Amazon affiliate myself. But I think it is better to sell your Own Digital Products and Get 100% Profit. I will drop you a link that will allow you to access, register, download, get trained to edit and repackage more than 200+ Products and Resell them as you own.

    • Hi and thanks for your comment. Thank you for the offer. I am most concerned with the quality of the products and in this instance I am reviewing and recommending subject matter books for specific kinds of users. So I feel it is preferable to cast the net as wide as possible and the best way to do that is to go to the source with the widest range of quality products. In my estimation having checked other sources that is still Amazon. Nevertheless, for my own information I will check out your recommendation. Thanks again and best regards, Andy

  15. /i will be honest to say I never actually read any investment book beyond page four, i always get bored and intimidated with the language. I have picked three that I will definitely look for as a challenge to self. I will go through them diligently within a month. I hope I will be able to come back here and report what I found out.

    • Hi and thanks for the comment. Just an hour or so after publishing I added a single page PDF downloadable summary of one of the books – Money Masters of Our Time. So if you were only going to read about four pages I recommend you could start with that one. I hope this helps Thanks again for the comment and have a great day. Best regards, Andy

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